Bathing after Rhioplasty

///Bathing after Rhioplasty

Bathing after Rhioplasty

For the first week after the Rhinoplasty operation the plaster, tapings and the bandage mustn’t get wet because the taping will be lifted and lose their function so cleaning has to be done from the neck downwards.

At the end of the first week before going to the doctor for removing the dressings and bandages and do the taping, patients must take shower and wash their head and face with shampoo and even pour some water on the dressing so they are ready to be removed at the clinic.

After taping by the doctor, the patient can take bath routinely but each time they get wet they should be gently removed and re-tapped carefully according to the given instructions. We emphasis that taping has to be done by the doctor at the clinic twice a week for up to 2 months after the operation.


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