Fleshy Nose Rhinoplasty and results

///Fleshy Nose Rhinoplasty and results

Fleshy Nose Rhinoplasty and results

What is cosmetic surgery of a fleshy nose and how is it done? Will a fleshy nose revert back to its former state after the operation?

Initially, we need to have a definition of fleshy noses. Noses with open voids and spaces, thick skin and numerous sebaceous glands are called fleshy noses. In such noses the cartilage is usually weak and the nose is mainly constructed of skin and the underlying fatty tissue and sebaceous glands. In these kinds of noses the tip is usually tilted downwards and nostrils are thick and wide-open. Due to male sexual hormones and oiliness of the skin, fleshy noses are quite commonly seen in men.

Previously Rhinoplasty operation for correcting such noses demanded extensive cartilage graft. Results were depression of tissue and scarring of the skin since the underlying space had become empty. Usually patients think that removing the skin would be helpful but it seems that it causes serious wounds and scares so it is not recommended at all.

As for Dr. Kzaemi’s experiences, improving the cartilaginous tissue and using the middle cartilage or septum to fortify the tip and in general the cartilaginous tissue, show the best results.

Collumella strut is a piece of septum cartilage which is shaped like a nail and is placed under the nose tip to assist in fortification and up-lifting of the nose tip. One of the most useful measures in operating fleshy noses is Alar Base or accurate removal of the nostrils to reduce their size.

The Open method is the best way to operate patients with thick skins. In close method since there is limited access and vision of the nose tip, results will not be so good for fleshy noses.
Patients with thick skin should have reasonable expectations about outcome of the operation and know the fact that their nose will not be like those with suitable skins.

Will fleshy nose go back to its former state?

The answer is that if the desired results are achieved within 6 months of operating fleshy noses, then there won’t be any major changes anymore and it shall remain in that shape or state.
We could bring the example of a football. When you try to empty it from air due to the thickness of leather it takes a long time for it to become shrunk, folded and totally empty from air. The same thing happens in fleshy noses. Because of the thick skin it takes a long time for the mass and bulk of the nose to reduce so the patient has to wait for at least a year to get the final results which are usually permanent and irreversible after 6 months.


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