Ziba cosmetic surgery clinic which works in the field of cosmetic surgeries of the head, face and body both in the region and internationally. The Ziba clinic is an active clinic in the Middle East and western Asia which has many patients in Rhinoplasty and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Majid Kazemi, E.N.T surgeon has started his practice since many years ago and is in charge of the management of this clinic and the medical tour along it.

Ziba’s treatment and beautification tour with Dr.Kazemi’s management, presents the best services with the highest quality and a reasonable price in all fields of cosmetic surgery of head, face and body as well as cosmetic dentistry. The patients at this center are quite pleased with outcomes of cosmetic surgeries and cosmetic dental treatments. They are also very satisfied with the post-operative care and instructions.

Rhinoplasty is the most difficult surgery among the cosmetic surgeries of the face so considering the following points is necessary. Iran is the cradle and center of nose surgery in the world and with respects to the population it has the highest number of operation in this field. Considering the skill and experience of the Iranian surgeons in the nose, face and body surgeries and cosmetic dentistry and affordable prices, Iran has become the most popular choice for cosmetic surgeries of the nose and face as well as medical tourism.

Ziba cosmetic medicine and medical tourism group is proud to service patients from all over the world with an experienced and skillful team.

At the moment, Tehran is the capitol of nose job or Rhinoplasty in the world. Besides, Iran has some of the most unique touristic attractions in the region. Highest peak in the Middle East, the beautiful Caspian Sea and the spectacular mountains and jungles in the north, they all await you. The coast of Persian Gulf has a warm pleasant weather and clear waters. You can also witness the glory of the ancient Persian civilization in Perspolis, Shiraz. Iranian people are one of the kindest towards the tourists and they have all said how they feel welcome and at home here.

Iran is the land of your dreams…