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Fleshy Nose Rhinoplasty and results

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What is cosmetic surgery of a fleshy nose and how is it done? Will a fleshy nose revert back to its former state after the operation? Initially, we need to have a definition of fleshy noses. Noses with open voids and spaces, thick skin and numerous sebaceous glands are called fleshy noses. In such noses [...]

Nose Taping after rhinoplasty

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How do we have tape our nose after Rhinoplasty? First we go to the shower and wash all the tapings with water (study bathing after operation). While washing we make sure not to peel off or remove them and just rinse them with lots of water and tapes soak properly. Then as water runs down [...]

Anesthesia in Rhinoplasty

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One of the most commonly asked questions from Dr.Kzaemi at the clinic is that if Rhinoplasty operation is possible with both local and general anesthesia? In local anesthesia first sedatives are administered intravenously and then the surgeon administers other injections locally to be able to proceed with the Rhinoplasty which take a heavy toll on [...]

Bathing after Rhioplasty

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For the first week after the Rhinoplasty operation the plaster, tapings and the bandage mustn’t get wet because the taping will be lifted and lose their function so cleaning has to be done from the neck downwards. At the end of the first week before going to the doctor for removing the dressings and bandages [...]

What is the ideal age for Rhinoplasty?

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When is the best time for having a Rhinoplasty surgery? One of the questions frequently asked from Dr. Kazemi is the suitable age for Rhinoplasty or cosmetic surgery of the nose. Well, I have to say that having a Rhinoplasty operation is possible after 17 complete years of age where most operations take place between [...]

Swelling after rhinoplasty, how to control and reduce it

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How to control swelling after rhinoplasty? After Rhinoplasty operation, the swelling starts to increase from the 3rd day and reaches to its peak on the 5th day. Maintaining the following instructions will help to reduce it to a great extent. Using ice-pack compress for the first 72 hours around the eyes, around the nose and even [...]

Rhnioplasty Post-operative Cares

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After nose operations, strongly avoid blowing your nose unless you are allowed to. If you need to clean your nose use a soft paper tissue or cloth. Change the bandage under the nose with sterile gauze if necessary. The taping and bandages over the nose will be removed after a week in the clinic so [...]

Rhinoplasty Pre-operative Cares

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Before the operation, several pictures should be taken from different angles of the patient’s nose. 5 full frontal angles with a smile and including the head. The upper right and left section are necessary. Shower, Wash your head and face and shave with razor. Taking blood cells count test are mandatory (CBC Lab. Test). On [...]