Anesthesia in Rhinoplasty

///Anesthesia in Rhinoplasty

Anesthesia in Rhinoplasty

One of the most commonly asked questions from Dr.Kzaemi at the clinic is that if Rhinoplasty operation is possible with both local and general anesthesia?

In local anesthesia first sedatives are administered intravenously and then the surgeon administers other injections locally to be able to proceed with the Rhinoplasty which take a heavy toll on the patient.

Nowadays with new anesthetics such as Propophel and Remiphentanile general anesthesia has become safer and without vomiting and bleeding and patients regain consciousness within 2 minutes after the operation so most of the clinics have started to use the above medicines to have an anesthesia with no pain, blood or vomiting.

Sometimes there are rumors among people about the drugs being duplicated and of low quality and Chinese origin. For the record I have to state that all medications in Iran are perfectly safe and these are all rumors.


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