Nose Taping after rhinoplasty

///Nose Taping after rhinoplasty

Nose Taping after rhinoplasty

How do we have tape our nose after Rhinoplasty?

  1. First we go to the shower and wash all the tapings with water (study bathing after operation). While washing we make sure not to peel off or remove them and just rinse them with lots of water and tapes soak properly. Then as water runs down our face, we start to gently remove and peel off the tapings, paying close attention to avoid sub-cutaneous damage and bleeding.
  2. Then we carefully dry its place. Sometimes due to the glue in the tape the skin becomes oily. We can apply a bit of alcohol and let it dry to remove the oiliness and reduce acne and pimples.
  3. Purchase a German Micropore thin nose tape and carefully cut it to 2.5cm dimensions. We also make four cuts or pieces with 15cm of length. Now we can start taping.

    Micropore nose tape

  4. First we start from the top. While taping the nose bridge we have to notice that the each tape covers half the width of the previous one. Make 2 layers of taping using the mentioned method.
  5. Now it’s time tape the nose tip. We have to place the 15cm tape in such a way to be able to hold the tip tightly and make sure that the tip is pointed upwards. Now the only thing remaining is proper arrangements of the tapings and cutting the excessive parts.

    nose taping after rhinoplasty

  6. Remember taping is very important after Rhinoplasty and it should be done twice a week under the doctor’s supervision.
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