The word “Rhinoplasty” or cosmetic surgery of the nose is composed of “Rhino” which in medical terms means nose and “plasty” which is an expression for beautification.
This type of surgery has roots in history. About 2000 years ago, in India convicts were sentenced to have their noses cut off. At those times they used wax and resin to solve this problem. At the beginning of the 19th century a British officer learnt this method from Indians and applied it to treat soldiers injured during the war.

The modern Rhinoplasty goes back to 50 to 60 years before and after the Second World War. In Iran it’s been practiced since 1960’s. The first group to perform a Rhinoplasty after the Islamic revolution was a group of E.N.T surgeons. Of course the demands for plastic surgery are increasing daily at the moment which has unfortunately broken records worldwide.

  • Best results in nose cosmetic surgeries with Rhinoplasty are achieved using conservative techniques which maintains the normal and ordinary appearance of the nose so our dear patients should avoid the so called ”fantasy” operations.
  • An important note is the quality and thickness of the patient skin which will be determined by taking the standard and same color photographs before and after the operation.
  • Patients should pay great attention to their breathing after the operation. If the nose becomes too narrow then there will be no respiration. Sometimes our dear patients ask the surgeon to make a “Barbie Nose” for them not considering the fact that by doing that air passages will be diminished and they shall face a serious nasal obstruction.
  • Also reaching to a solid and unrepressed state on the transverse look is cosmologic goal in Rhinoplasty.
  • Minor changes might take months to occur after the operation. A thick skin containing sebaceous glands and subcutaneous tissue will have a harsh condition from the operation aspects. An ideal skin is something between a thick and a thin skin so patients with thick skins should wait for it to retract to its position.

Nose surgeries are mainly done in two Open and Closed methods and any other method diagnosed and determined by the surgeon.