Dental Crowns and their types

///Dental Crowns and their types

Dental Crowns and their types

Generally, there are 3 types of crowns:

  1. Fully metallic
  2. Fully ceramic
  3. P.F.M (porcelain fused to metal)

Fully metallic crowns:

As the name suggests, these types of crowns are completely made of metal. Golden crowns are the classic types of such crowns which you might have seen in some people’s mouths. This type crown is used in places we need more high amount of strength like molar teeth. It is the most durable among all crowns but it certainly lacks in aesthetics.

Full metallic dental crown

Dental Crown

Fully ceramic crowns:

This type of crown is made up of dental ceramic like porcelain and is manufactured in 2 methods. At the hands of a lab technician or through ceramic blocks fabricated by CAD-CAM machine.
Ceramic crowns are usually used when more aesthetics are required which is mainly the anterior part of the mouth that includes the incisors (central and lateral) and the canines although some types of it may even be used in posterior teeth.

Ceramic dental crown

The main disadvantage of such crowns is less strength compared to the other types of crowns. However, this factor varies according to the type of the ceramic.

P.F.M crowns:

These types of crowns have thin layer of metal which is placed on the tooth and a layer of porcelain which is fused or bonded to the outer surface of the metal. These crowns have good strength and lifespan as results and are aesthetically convincing (too) but in places where we need a great deal of aesthetics, fully ceramic crowns are better options.


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