How to control swelling after rhinoplasty?
After Rhinoplasty operation, the swelling starts to increase from the 3rd day and reaches to its peak on the 5th day. Maintaining the following instructions will help to reduce it to a great extent.

  • Using ice-pack compress for the first 72 hours around the eyes, around the nose and even over the nose.
  • Make sure to keep 2 pillows under the patient’s head.
  • Seriously avoid physical activities.
  • Avoid sun shine, heat, monitor light and L.E.D lights since they produce U.V light and it enhances the swelling.
  • An Intramuscular Bethamethasone L.A injection on the 3rd day after the operation shall help to reduce the swelling considerably.
  • Regularly taking one Adult Cold Tablet in every 6 hours is helpful.
  • Local injection of Triamsinolone is also helpful. This is done by the surgeon a month after the operation especially in case of fleshy noses.
  • Proper taping helps to a great deal in reducing the swelling. This is done twice a week by the surgeon.

Severe swelling is only for the first 3 weeks but mild swelling can even last up to 6 months after the operation.